Experience Virtual Reality Like You Have Never Felt Before.

Our team is working to deliver a revolutionary new VR product that will MOVE the VR industry. Are you ready?


We’re excited by the surge in virtual reality technology. The promise of immersive presence is compelling but is let down when in reality you are flying a plane in an armchair. To really be there, virtual reality needs a sense of motion…

… and that’s what we do!

At Eight360 we design and build inventive and immersive simulators to extend virtual reality worlds with the sensation of genuine motion.


Our flagship product NOVA is an untethered motion platform for video games, virtual reality, vehicle simulators and more. It allows users to experience full unlimited rotation in all axes, as well as acceleration and gravitational effects.

This is the next big step in simulators – our technology can accurately translate the sensations of a virtual vehicle to the real world, so you’ll believe you’re really there.

This platform already integrates with a host of PC based games and simulators, including DCS:World, X-Plane and NoLimits2 – Roller Coaster simulator.

The NOVA v2.5 prototype in all its glory.

Eight360 builds world-class interactive and immersive motion simulator platforms and virtual reality content for training and entertainment applications.

We are leaders in mechatronics, industrial design and software development, allowing us to create groundbreaking experiences for users.

(From left) Mayor of Wellington, Justin Lester, with Founders Terry and George

We have had the pleasure to demo NOVA with many distinguished guests including Minister of Technology+Innovation, Dr. Megan Woods, and the Mayors of Wellington and Lower Hutt, Justin Lester and Ray Wallace.

Founder / CEO

Founder / Mechanical Engineer

Board Chairman

Creating Worlds

Our content creators are experts in producing custom rides, interactive gaming experiences, immersive training tools and other VR-based products – let us bring your ideas to life.

Made in Wellington, New Zealand

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Made in Wellington, New Zealand
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